Taskbar icon showing new mail regardless

Hi there

Not sure if this is a ‘bug’ or just my installation but the eMClient button in my taskbar is always showing a mail icon overlaying the logo regardless of whether or not new email has come in.

Not sure if theres a setting for me to change this behavious so that the envelope icon only shows once new/unread emails are in the inbox?



Could be an unread email in a eg: sub folder.

Go to “Menu / Settings / General” and click “Show Favourites”. Then save and close settings.

Lastly click “Unread” under Favourites top left and see if there is anything in there.

thanks cyberzork - will check it out and see if thats the issue.

thanks for taking the time to reply

have been ‘playing’ around with this the last week or so and for me on all 3 of my installations its incredibly flaky - when something comes in, even if its marked as ‘read’ the icon remains in the taskbar