task sync with google

V 7.2.36465…  task sync with Google Calendar doesn’t update start date, due time and reminder flag…  updates as “all day” and 12 AM…   this wasn’t case in the past.

Hello Larry,

Please make sure that in the error logs (Menu > Tools > Operations > Errors) you don’t see the “API quota exceeded” error as you can see in the following blogpost: https://www.emclient.com/blog/google-oauth-and–quota-exceeded-for-quota-metric–issue-301


Of course the obvious solution is to uninstall 7.2.36456 and then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History as that was working.

Why do you not suggest this Russel? It is obvious that there are many things broken with 7.2.36465, and downgrading solves the problem. The CEF fix is not worth all the problems that have come with it.

While finding these issues in 7.2.36465 is obviously important to eM Client moving forward, releasing such a bug ridden version as a service release is in poor taste. Rather release it as a beta so those who are installing it are aware that there may be problems.

There were no errors in the log Russel asked about.  I re-installed 35595 but the problems are still there…  a “due” time entered into EM does not reflect in Google Cal where it shows as due “all day”.  I have no idea where a reminder date/time entered into EM would be stored in GC.  The result is my partner’s EM client linked to my GC sees the due time as 12 AM and gets no reminder data. This used to work.
On a separate issue what do I have to do to see the EM Calendar function in the left bar?. I have never seen it and see no settings option to enable it.
Thanks for your help

You said this wasn’t the case in the past. If it was not a previous version of eM Client in which it worked correctly, why did you say that?

For the calendar section, right-click on the Mail tab in the bottom left of your screen and tick Calendar.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear…  it did work in the past but we hadn’t been using the sync function between 2 devices for awhile though I think we did after the May release. It would seem that the problem may not be in EM but perhaps has something to do with a change in Google Calendar. Do you happen to have a GC synced and if so can you see if due time is propagated to GC?  Also do you have any idea where reminder date/time might be stored in GC?
Wow thanks for the tip on how to bring up EM Calendar…  I think that was the only thing I didn’t try!

I spent a day looking at the Automatic Archiving settings before I discovered how to define a scope. It was not obvious that the scope was a drop-down list. :wink: I think there may many such things in this otherwise excellent application that are easy to miss.

I don’t use Google with eM Client, sorry Larry. I do believe that there was some major changes to their calendar recently, so that could be it. 

Maybe try with a different provider, there any many free ones out there that offer calendaring, and see if this is eM Client or the provider.

Just one point I want to run past you (I thank you for your patience)…   when I re-installed the previous version of EM I chose to retain the data base.  Do you think that might play any role in the failure?

The database will be the same one you are using now. After you started the older version, were all your settings and data there?

Yes …  I thought I would have to reset the account, etc.  But everything was there and no set-up was necessary.  That was nice at the time but I’m thinking do you think I should do it again from scratch?  

If the data on Google is correct, you could remove the account, or the whole database and start again. If the data in eM Client is correct, removing the account or deleting the database will remove that data. Removing the database will also delete any local folder data you have.

What you could try is go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage, and make a note of the current location, then change the database location to another folder somewhere on your computer. After restarting eM Client it will be with a blank database, so you can setup the Google account and see what happens. If there is the same issue, and you want to go back to the previous database, go to settings and change the database directory back to what it was before then restart the application.