Task sync - upload to gmail.

Can I somehow see the tasks entered into cM Client in Google tasks? If not, is there a way to access these online on in the phone?

I’m not fully understand your problem. EM does support Google Task. However, there’s no ‘app’ to access the task (like mail or calendar, last time I checked), its can only be viewed on-line by web: https://mail.google.com/tasks/ig

Thank you for your response. Let me try to explain better.

I have exported tasks from outlook to eM Client and saved them there. What I wonder is if i can access those tasks through my gmail account and hence through my phone.

When I saved them on cM Client I tried to save them on the defaul gmail account but got the message that the syncronization of task lists has failed.

I assume when you import from Outlook, the task is stored locally at local folder. If this was the case, there’s no quick way of moving them to Google except change the folder setting from the local to Google one-by-one (AFAIK). You can change them by double click on the task item -> Folder -> select the Google Task folder.

Or you can simply copy from Local folders to your Gmail tasks list.