Task sync to google calendar.


If I create a task in eM Client, then it does not appear in my linked Google Calendar account.

Should a task appear in the eM Client calendar? It does not appear to.

A calendar entry in the eM Client does not reflect to Google calendar either.

A event created on the google calendar, however, does reflect in eM Client.


Hi, what version of eM client are you currently using?
If you add an event in eM Client and restart the application, does it stay in eM Client or is it removed?
Are you receiving any errors? Can you try right clicking the calendar in your application, select Properties > Repair and use the repair button if it solves the issue?

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6.0.20154.0 is the version.

It stays in eM Client.

I am receiving errors, but they seem to relate to another email account that is not related to the calendar account. That is a separate and less important issue at this stage.

I am not sure about a repair option. At this stage I am only using eM Client to the Google Calendar web interface.

Thanks for your help so far!

Just as an aside, here is one of the errors I am receiving on the other account:

Hi, did you try the repair function or are you having issues with navigating to that window, can you please try it, it might resolve the issue.

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Cool, I did that, and now it reflects in Google Calendar if I create a task in eM Client, but if I delete the event from Google Calendar, it does not reflect the change in eM Client.

Wait, my bad. It all seems to be working! Thanks!

Is the error below something to be concerned about?

Hi, glad it works, That depends if everything is working properly or if you’re missing some data or something that would be connected to this error.

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