Task Sync Issue - Mailbox.org


I am using Mailbox.org account, and I am having an issue with syncing specific Task Folders, and also eM Client is not picking up reoccurring tasks.
If I try and create a reoccurring task, I will get an error like this:

I tried re-adding the account, but the issue remains. I also checked out Mailbox.org articles, but nothing is different then the current config.

Also, eMClient has removed due dates for all my tasks, and synced it that way back to Mailbox .org… :angry:

I would appreciate any help.


I use mailbox.org as well and can confirm this issue. I just found this discussion in their forum:
Unable to sync tasks with repeating schedule. | mailbox.org Support
It seems that their software provider Open-Xchange doesn’t consider task syncing a high priority.

Hey, thanks a ton!

I opened up a ticket with Mailbox team, and waiting on a reply. I think that I will get a reply that they know about the issue and that’s it…

Funny thing is that reoccurring tasks work really well on Nine App for Android when synced with a Mailbox account. But, it’s probably different sync type (ActiveSync).