task sync error outlook


I’m using eM client for the past month. Everything works well (more or less), but I don’t know how to solve the following problem:

I’m using my outlook account (Hotmail), and I frequently use the task list. Everything works well, i.e. eM client is synchronized with my outlook task list and I can create or modify the tasks. The problem is that everytime I mark a task as finished, eM client always shows me the following error message (see pictures). After that, the task is moved to the completed tasks list in the eM client, but in the Outlook list it keeps “in progress”. If I mark any task as finished on the Outlook website, eM Client also moves this task at the complete tasks list without showing any error message.The only way I can solve this error is from the outlook website.


Could someone tell me how I can solve this issue? Thank you.

Hi Marco,

I’d like to test this issue. Does it happen with IMAP Outlook account or with Office 356 EWS account?


Hi Russel,

It happens with an IMAP Outlook account.


Hello Marco,

As Outlook.com is continuously ending it’s IMAP support and is moving to EWS, please delete the IMAP account and re-configure it as Exchange. In Menu > Tools > Accounts > Add account > Mail > Exchange set the account again and let me know if the problem persists.


Hi Russel,

Today, I had time to try your suggestion, but unfortunately, I couldn’t create a Exchange account. When I tried it, eM Client said that there is some problem with the password to login in the acount. Of course, I double-checked the email address and the password. After that, I created my hotmail account using the Outlook option and it works again. However, the problem with the task list persists.

On the other hand, I have another problem with this email client. Many times, it doesn’t show any notification on my desktop when I receive a new email. The only sign of that is 3 points close to the folder where the new email is “in theory” (see picture). At the moment I open this folder, I receive this email. It’s a big incombenient for me because I cannot answer many emails on time.

I hope that we can find a solution for these problem.