Task reminders not showing

In the prior version, I used Tasks to create reminders for myself. I probably didn’t use them as intended, i.e. to manage tasks with start or end dates. However, when something came up that I didn’t want to forget about, I opened the Tasks, clicked on Reminder with the appropriate date/time. When that date/time arrived, a separate window opened with the reminder for that Task. However, in version 8, I can’t find anywhere where the reminder for a Task shows up.

I also missed a few important reminders, I think(?) I was able to restore version 7 characteristics by going to to Menu => Settings => Notifications and unchecking the “use system notifications” check box.
This worked for one test reminder a few minutes ago, now will see how it works with my real reminders.

Tag: Task Reminders not working Version 8

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yeah, that’s what they recommend too.