Task Reminder - Snooze and Completed Fail


I am currently evaluating em Client as an alternative to MS Outlook or Thunderbird. Until today I really liked it. But now…

I have the client linked up to a Kerio mail server using IMAP and calDav. In my tasks list I have a number of recurring tasks for which I have reminders set. One of these tasks was to be done today.

From this morning I have had almost constant reminders to do this task. Despite me trying to set the snooze (in my case for a couple of hours) initially, and now trying to set the task as completed, which is nigh on impossible because the task is already marked as completed. Presumably because I completed one of it’s predecessors.

I notice I’m not the only one to have problems with the snooze functionality and sadly I notice there hasn’t been any response to the other query.

I am in the market for an all-in-one solution to replace my Outlook client and Thunderbird didn’t really cut it. Without a fix or work around for this problem, this client won’t do it for me either.


this is already fixed. Please download the latest version of eM Client http://www.emclient.com/dist/v4.0.144… and let me know if it helped.

Hi George,

That seems to have rectified the issue. Thank you very much.


I’m using version 4.0.15145 and the snooze button still doesn’t work!

what server are you using? Could you describe it in more detail? Thank you.

I also am having this problem, and I am on 4.0.15145 also. I am using eM with Gmail, and the associated calendars. As the others stated, I have an event that just refuses to snooze. I pick any time frame, hit snooze, and 2 seconds later it has popped back up.
Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve provided eM Client with all the details and logs. So far-NADA.

Please contact me at wilson@emclient.com - I will send you our internal version which should fix this issue.

I am also having issues with reminders. Using version 4.0.15145. When a reminder pops up, I select snooze for 30 minutes (for example) and as soon as the window is closed, it pops up again. It will keep doing this until I press the dismiss option.

it should be fixed in the upcoming version 5.

Hi George,

A few weeks ago you advised that 5.0 would be out in 2 weeks. When can we expect it?

the final version will be released this week, but meanwhile you can install a beta version. See this topic: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

I have the same problem. I just loaded 5.0 beta and the problem still exists. I am using a subscribed calendar (Gmail) as the basis of the events, if that matters. I’m running Win7 as my OS.

Even the Dismiss button doesn;t work on the current version. VERY disappointing.

version 5 contains fix for newly accepted/created events. For all existing problematic events try following:
Login to your calendar in a browser and disable reminder manually.
Hope it helps.

I have no idea what you’re saying. Are you suggesting that I go into the GOOGLE calendar in a web browser and disable reminders? Why on earth would I do that if I NEED reminders?

I went into my Google Calendar on the web and removed the offending reminder from the Google side. After an update/sync with eM, the reminder was snoozed appropriately. I have had two other reminders pop up since, and they have also snoozed/dismissed as expected. Thanks for the solution. I’ll come back here if the problem returns.

Alas, we are not there. eM 5.0.16754.0 continues to have this problem. When I create an event using eM Client, the reminders behave as expected. When I create a new event in Google Calendar (which is the calendar I use in eM), the reminders will not snooze. They can be dismissed, but not snoozed. When you click on the Snooze button, the item disappears from the reminder list, then immediately reappears. You also cannot close the reminder window. You are stuck with a non-snoozing reminder window until you dismiss the event in eM. Going into Google’s web interface for the event and removing the reminder does nothing. In fact, if I remove the reminder in Google, then try to snooze it in eM, the reminder comes back on the Google page. It seems that eM is adding the reminder back to the Google event. One of the reasons I use eM over Outlook is because of the integration with Google’s calendar and contacts. Hopefully this problem can be solved soon.

It is already fixed in our internal version so you can expect it soon.

I’m DELIGHTED to report that the snooze button issue has been solved in the latest release!!!

Thanks for your persistence.