Task Pane showing completed tasks as currently due

I’ve discovered the neat task pane at the bottom of the calendar (not the sidebar). I enjoy it, but there is a problem. Tasks that are checked off as completed using a checkbox still show as not completed in this pane at the bottom. (They do not appear in the sidebar). If I open the task up, then change the status from Not Started to Completed, then the task shows itself crossed off and then jumps to the day I originally checked it as completed anyways. Current workaround is to open every task individually when complete and change to Completed instead of using checkboxes to mark a task as done.

Just to mention that this is still recurring, and that it seems to come back intermittently. I seem to be able to recreate it by doing the following:

  1. Create a task that is synced with Google Tasks.
  2. Mark the task complete using the Agenda pane checkbox.
  3. Close eM Client.
  4. Open eM Client on another computer (I have several, this may be the issue).
    It synchronizes, only showing non-completed tasks in the Agenda pane and in the tasks section (as it should), but shows the completed tasks as not-completed (with a little red flag) in the task pane under the calendar.
  5. Click the red flag on the task in the task pane under the calendar, nothing happens in the task pane, but the task is now NOT complete and shows up in the agenda pane.
  6. Mark the task complete again, it disappears from everywhere.
  7. Ensure it is synced, then close eM Client.
  8. Open eM Client on another computer–the task is back in the calendar-task pane, but is marked complete everywhere else, just as in step 4.

I hope this helps.