Task List Panel in Calendar View: not able to open and show the tasks

The task list with google calendar is not working properly.
I have the view on my calendar and I am trying to unroll the task panel which is located in the bottom of the page.
On the right side there are some arrows which I guess should open this panel, but they are not working. It shows always the text “2 active tasks, 0 incomplete”. I am not able to look at them in the calendare view

Hi, are you talking about tasks under “Tasks” button in the left side panel? Could you create screenshot of it (Tasks) and post it here?


Hi Jan,

this is the screeschot.
As you can see, when I click to the right arrows, the panel which should pop up and show me the tasks is not working. It does not go up. I tried to reinstall the application but no chance.

Hi, I am sorry for delayed answer.

When you have clicked on that double arrow has it changed direction? If it is pointing down then you should be able to catch splitter and enlarge that panel manually.