task list coloring with defined baikal calendar colors and more

At the moment i’am trying the emClient as a Thunderbird alternative.

I make heavily use of tasks and calenders. I host them on a baikal calDAV Server. Works like a charme! Even better as Thunderbird/Sogo because emClient knows how to handle a List of calendars for an user as on Mac or iOS (principals-list). Perfect! Simply great!

Furthermore i sync that with my iPad. This means also the colors in Task-App and Calendar-App.


In the Calender View of emClient i see the colors like on my iPad left from the name of the calender. Perfect. These calenders are also (some only)  used as tasklists. But in the tasklist view the colors disappear? Why? Is there a setting to activate this? Can i have in the details of the tasklist view the task marked with the color of the calendar (like categorie color display)? How? Just like on iPads Task App if you have one user with more than one tasklist on baikal.

I would like to subscripe to an ics calender list which is updated on a regular basis. I do not see a way to have this subscription in emClient. Link for the remote calender with not authentication is:

How can this be archived?

How can i transfer all my data and all my settings to another computer or as backup? I’am just testing in a VM. If i decide to buy / keep emClient i do not want to go one more time through all th personalisation setup i’ve done so far…

Thanks in advance!