Task "Connection Failed"

My tasks ion EM Clients are failing to connect and sync to the my hotmail server.
Emails and contacts sync seem to work. However, TASKS are not sync.
The message I get is “connection failed… due to temporary server unavailability etc etc”
I have created a few new tasks while it was not sync so I am afraid of losing them if I were to delete the hotmail account and re-add it. Any suggestions on how to get it sorted more than welcome. Thank you

Try the manual " add mail / exchange" setup in accounts as per below eM Client link.

I find it works good with Hotmail, Live , & Outlook accounts for all the services including tasks.

The only difference is that it only check’s for emails etc every minute rather than realtime, but that’s ok with me.

“eM Client with Microsoft Exchange”


hi there
Thank you very much.
So my hotmail account already appears on EM Clients accounts.
Do you suggest to cancel it and then add it back?
Would I then lose the tasks which I have created locally on EM clients which are not sync with the hotmail server if I were to try this way? Thanks much again

sorry I correct myself: Do you suggest to cancel it and then add it back following the “manual” option?

Yes, if the tasks have not yet synced with the server, and you remove the account, you will lose them.

But you can copy them to Local Folders before you remove the account. The after you have setup the account again, you can move them back to the server folder.

You may need to first enable Local Folders if you can’t see a folder for them in the Tasks section. To do that, select Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders.

Thank you so much! I have created the local folders and copied contacts and tasks there. (I have just noticed that also contacts stopped to sync!) Can I now remove and then add manually the hotmail account again? If I move the contacts and the task then from the local folders, wouldn’t I get duplicates? thank you so much


I am sure you will. You can move only those that are not there once you have setup the account again, or you can move them all and then use the Deduplicator tool (Menu > Tools > Deduplicator) to remove any duplicates.

Thank you so much! The sync is back now, I have added the gmail and outlook accounts and granted permission to EM Client again and it now seems to work properly again! Thank you for your help. I’ll remove the duplicates tomorrow and clean up the local folders. Thank you very much