@talk21.com not installing in EmClient

I am trying to set up a @talk21.com email address in Em Client and it is not connecting to the server. Is talk21.com not compatible with Em Client? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Can you be more specific. How does the account not install, and what errors if any are you getting? 

When I am trying to set up the email account in Em Client, I enter the email address and password and it says an error in that it doesn’t connect to the servers (Email servers) however, emails are still coming into Windows Live Mail (which I am moving the emails out of) and emails are still coming through to the webmail. I hope that makes more sense.

Can you post a screenshot of the error?

But one thing you can try is to temporarily disable your anti-virus or firewall. That might be blocking the connection.

OK, it appears there is an issue with their server.

If you click on Manual, then enter the server details.

And on the next screen also.

After the account is setup (ignore any errors), click on the IMAP tab and change the port and security policy.

Then do the same for the SMTP tab.

The emails are currently installed in Windows Live Mail (WLM) as a POP account. Emails are still downloading into WLM. I have copied the settings from the working WLM into Em Client and it brings up a server error. I have already tried entering the account as an IMAP with the settings you have supplied above however, it does not connect.

Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus application, then try again.

Another thing you might try is to remove the account from eM Client. Then import the account and messages from WLM. You can do that with Menu > File > Import > WLM.

Unfortunately I have tried both of these things. I have also tried installing a different email client and that did the same thing. I am starting to believe it is an error with the email account and not Em Client so I will go to the provider to find out. Thank you for your help.

If you are experiencing the same issue with another email client, then I would agree that it is at the server end; either the account or the server itself.