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Asking for password 10+ times a day

What password are you asking for?

If you have a Pro License, and need to access your License Manager, you can have the password resent to you by clicking on the lost password link on that page. As a Pro License user you can also take advantage of your VIP support option and open a support ticket with eM Client. 

As a Free License user you have this forum for assistance, but that is provided by other users and not eM Client, which means no one here will be ale to give you, or reset, your password.

Hello Stanley,

If you wish to reset your password to the licence manager, please do so at
If you need to reset your mail account password, you have to do it directly in the mail provider’s webmail app.


I have the same problem. For some reason, every time I start emclient, the Google login window pops up, asks for credentials and asks me to grant certain permissions. Half an our later, same thing.

This has suddenly started to happen about a month ago. It is driving me crazy. Please, tell me how to fix this.

edit: I have already tried removing the Google account and adding it again, that didn’t help.

edit2: This started to become a problem right after the ‘Quota exceeded for quota metric’ issue was resolved here.

Actually, now I have to enter my Google credentials thrice in a row, 5 times a day.

No one knows what is happening here?

i have loss the eM Client data how to recover the same.
when I open the em client then show the error your database is corrupted and then when I re-open then loss all the local folder data.