Tags on second eM Client show as local tags

I use eM Client because of how it displays tags on my Gmail business account emails. It was the main selling point for me. I just upgraded to v10 and bought another license.

I have created an elaborate tagging system for all my clients and projects in eM Client. It’s great. I can see all of the tags in the left panel and clicking on them brings up everything from a client. What’s better is that it’s the same in Gmail. It’s not just a local thing.

I am now moving to a MacBook Air. All of my tags created with the other computer show as “local tags”. The issue is that I can’t search by them anymore. I can’t find a way to show the tags created by the other computer in he left panel so if I need to pull up everything by a client the system is gone.

If I create a NEW tag in the macbook eM Client… these show up perfectly in Gmail. They all get added together as global lablels in Gmail.

My problem is that the tagging system I’ve spent so much time to create on my PC is not usable on the MacBook. I can ADD tags to emails using “local tags” but I can’t sort by them so it’s now useless.

Is there a way I can use “local tags” created with eM Client on the other computer? Gmail is happy to sort by tags created on both systems. Can we do the same in eM Client?

Can I view tags created on another eM Client in the left panel?

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You can export them on the PC using Menu > File > Export > Settings. Choose just Tags.

Then copy the xml file across to the Mac and import them there using File > Import > Settings.

I have exactly the same problem, though not with Gmail account but my personal one.
When I tag an email on one device it is instantly tagged the same on other devices (iMac, McBook and iPhone). That’s cool. The point is, as you duly note, mails tagged on one computer, though bearing the tag on other ones, are not displayed either in the left panel or by quick search with tags.
Is it a permanent bug or repairable one?
I need to admit that my drive to go for eMclient was its tagging across devices, however this only seems half-functional.

Only local tags are displayed in the left sidebar tag section.

So, if you haven’t setup the tag in Menu > Tags > Local Tags on that device, it will not display there.

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The point is I configured eM Client on one machine and then imported the settings to the other ones. So local tags are on each and exactly the same.
The issue seems to be in the search option.