Tags/Labels work from Google but not from Yandex


I use server side Labels/tags for various filters i have set up on the respective webmails google/ yandex, however only the labels/tags from google come through and are displayed in eMClient, is this just a Yandex don’t support/make available this feature type thing, or is there some hidden setting i am missing?

I have looked through the imap setting but didn’t see anything obvious


Sorry should say using eMClient – 9.2.2157 (5b49542)

As far as I know still currently only the following Server Side Tags & Labels are supported (as per the blog link below) “Gmail, IceWarp, Exchange, Dovecot, and Imageway accounts”, which probably explains why your Yandex Server Side created Tags & Labels are not showing in eM Client, but your Google ones do.

Maybe down the track Yandex server side tags & labels might be supported as well. However if I’m incorrect someone will update this thread.

Extract below from eM Client blog link 29th March 2023 on “Tags and Labels”.

“Currently, you can take advantage of tag sync with Gmail, IceWarp, Exchange, Dovecot, and Imageway accounts and the list is growing! . With Exchange and Gmail accounts you can use one more neat feature - management of the server-side tags directly from the eM Client interface”.

Hey Thanks for answering, its much appreciated, I will wait and see what happens, Its not a big issue as i can do local eMclient tags and rules. But just thought I’d check