Tags / Categories should be revisited

Speed is a need, minimized typing too

I think that tags (categories) should be reconsidered.

I use them a lot in other apps and I find them a lot useful. By the way, EM deals with them in an unconfortable way at my own opinion.

When I tag (categorize) something (email, a contact …) I have to rightclick and look for a tag that already exists, in an unordered liust, or, altternatively, edit that item (email, contact …) and choose a category from the unordered list within. More than that, if the category doesn’t exist, I have to go the “Tools > Categories” menu and edit them.

Tags should be a lot more quick!

If I right click over an item, I think that, the list of categories / tags should be more dynamic:

  • it should exist the possibility to create a new one while tagging (ore several).
  • Not to say that it shold be very interesting to make a dinamic list of recent / more used tags while typing, not all of them

Of course, added to that, enabling a “tags” filter view in all the accounts would be a truly killer functionality.

Tags should be considered a part of folders. They are different concepts. an item belongs to only one folder, but can “belong” to multiple tags.

BTW, autotagging filters to incomming emails could be, of course, a plus!

Think in Evernote and you’ll win!

Yes! I agree with you! “Tags” is the MUST function for document management system in the future!! Hope eMClient can add this powerful function in the coming version. Such as 6! Looking forward to that!


Unfortunately we do not plan to make any changes to category system, as taging by category is fast enough and creating new category is done only once on initial setup or few times when user need new category.

we need to focus on features requested by more users and features/issues that need to be implemented/resolved soon or have no alternative.


Sorry to hear that as I find the Tagging function really useful and note it has reduced in usefulness since it no longer highlights the entire entry - just a little box on the side… pity that, may have to look for a more functional email .

Hi Peter, although we’ve still not implemented any tagging system into the application, you can see the categories highlighted, go to Tools > Settings > Appereance > Lists, and check the “Use color of category as text color” option and all categorized emails should be then displayed with colored text not just the box as you mentioned…

Hope this helps,