Tags across different computers

Hi guys!

Loving eM Client… Been using in on two computers for some time, and only recently started using tags.

I’m using same version on both comuters (8.0.3385), but tags are different colors/names on each computer. When I tag message on one computer, it syncs via IMAP, and when I sync on other computer tag is there, but with different color/name.

What am I doing wrong? Can eM Client sync tags along with messages via IMAP?

lunes 07 septiembre 2020 :: 1508hrs (UTC +01:00)


I had the same problem! The issue has been reported though no resolution yet. I also discovered other anomalies with TAG colors and names.
What I did was to manually set the colors to match on each of my computers - I didn’t like the default colors anyway as they were at conflict with the Theme I created so I changed them at the same time… All works perfectly now.
If you are interested the Compucall.etheme is available for download at: https://www.compucall.com

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


I am just trying test version of eM Client.
It looks great (mainly speed compare to Outlook), but I do not understant how the tags works. I use a tags a lot. But tags are used only localy? Tags does not sync itselves with email account (in my case at @email.cz)? Because when I set up tags at one computer, they do not sync itselves to another different computer? How could I set up tags synchronisation between different computers via account at @email.cz?

We can sync tags for Exchange, IceWarp, Google and Dovecot servers.

Others might allow it as well, but this feature does not have any set standard, so is not automatically implemented.