Tables in an e-mail

Does eM Client allow an easy way to insert tables in an e-mail? Or can you copy and paste a table from Excell?

When composing a mail, you can insert a table using the button on the HTML toolbar, or simply right click and choose Insert - Table.

Hi George,

Thanks for the response.

Although what you have said is correct… you have ignored the second request…
Can you copy and paste a table from Excel?

I know why you ignored this… It is because it is not possible and it is a major drawback for a product that claims to be the “best email client for Windows”!  :-)

To support that claim - you have to not only match MS Outlook - you have to be better!   Your table handling tools leave much to be desired.

Please can you improve on them and allow us to delete a column just as easily as deleting a row.  Allow us to copay and paste a table from Excel or any other spreadsheet.  Allow us to convert tab or comma separated text to a table etc.

Maybe then we can tell others that this really is the best email client for Windows?

Kind regards,

Tony Robson 

Hello Tony,
you can actually copy tables from Excel into eM Client quite nicely, just try it :slight_smile:

Also, I suggest looking at newer threads or starting a new one when you have concerns, lot of information from forum topics that are 3 years old may not be up to date.

Best regards,

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your response.

My apologies… In pasting the data copied from Excel it looked like text since there are no borders to the table in eM Client.  The text in each cell appears to be “right padded” with spaces so -  as I moved from one column to the other, it really looked to me as if it was just text.

I am a little confused about your directive to start a new thread.

I did start a new thread very soon after I began using eM Client.  About three months later I got a mail to say it was removed since no-one else showed any interest.  I therefore thought I would search for “table” and add my comments to the one’s already there in order to add “weight” to the requests?

My apologies if I did it wrong.

Kind regards,

Hello Tony,
it’s better to start a new thread or reply to one of the more recent ones when discussing things on the forum.
Reviving numerous threads that are over 3 years old just clutters the forum and makes it more likely that your reply will be overlooked.
If the thread is a feature request/Idea thread it’s enough to vote on it in the upper right corner, that’s what adds the ‘weight’, more than the comments. (but ultimately)
That your post got overlooked the first time you tried it is very unfortunate and is an honest mistake on the Support’s side for which I apologize.