Table editor could use some help

Hey there

Giving this feedback developer to developer :wink: I sent this as a ticket but wanted it here too.

I like emclient so much but there are a few tweaks that could help make it much more useful. For instance, the table editor needs some work IMO.

I create a table, its 1 row 4 columns. I fill them out. First, tab should move columns without having to click, not add a tab inline.
Then, I want to add a new row. My only choice is insert row, which adds a row above what I just entered. This is not useful considering I want to add a new row.
Then, I hit CTRL+Z to undo and it undoes my typing, not the addition of the new row.
Ideally, I could add new row, and CTRL+Y to redo, or some other keystroke.
Adding a row/column also adds it in the wrong spot for how my brain works.

The reason I am taking the time to spell this out is that I love Emclient and want it to be the best it can be. Thanks

bumping my own thread, a year later, just because I was hoping to see v 9.0 have this fixed. I do a lot of tables in emails and it the aforementioned navigation glitches are still there. Just bumping so devs or community managers see and can maybe take HTML editing one step forward.