Table alignment in templates? Align to top?

I’m trying to evaluate if eM client is going to work for us.

First, I have to say, it would be REALLY NICE to be able to directly import HTML into the template editor, rather than go through the GUI.

That being said, how do I select a column in a table and specify that I want its contents aligned to the top?

PS, while we’re at it, I should also ask: Is there a way to duplicate a template? We are going to end up with 25 or so, and they will all be substantially the same (just links to different products/pages on our web site mostly). It would be very nice to be able to create it once then clone/edit as needed.

Hi Jeff, unfortunately eM Client does not contain an HTML editor, all advance formatting must be done using an HTML code or an external HTML editor, vertical element alignment is not supported in eM Client. You can only create an HTML template using the Insert feature.

Currently there’s unfortunately no option to duplicate the template either.


Found it. That will work.


Glad it works, please let us know if you come across any other questions or issues, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,