Table Adjust / Delete /Insert /Resize Cells

This is very good product, i am using since many time but i am facing one big problem and i am very unsatisfied basic and very import feature is missing.

Table has no insert/delete cell / row / column option and even resize cell/column/row is not available.

I request you to do the needful.

Thanks in Advance

you should be able to insert/delete row by clicking right on the table, select table and choose insert/delete row.
If you want to change the properties of the table like changing the number of columns etc., you can click on properties and you should be able to set-it up.


      This is a very important feature to be available on eM Client to change/ resize/ delete columns and other Table related operations. Table features are very limited now and leaves you wanting more. 

I have been very happy with eM client except for this limitation.Request you to build these features at the earliest.


Hi Amith, eM client is unfortunately not an advanced table editor, but as I mentioned above, rows and columns can be added/deleted at any time while editing the message.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

Well - yes - we do understand but on the other hand if you really want to live up to your claim of “best email client for Windows” then you have to improve your table handling capabilities.  :-)

In this day and age we really do expect the “best e-mail client for Windows” to delete a column more easily, to copy and paste a table from Excel (or any other spreadsheet) and convert tabbed text or comma separated text to a table!

Kind regards,

Tony Robson

I agree with Tony. emClient is in many ways a great product, but table support is woefully inadequate. 
Beyond being able to modify tables, I expect text in the email to appear after the table and not on its right. As it stands, I can either make all my tables 100% in width or revert to Thunderbird, which I’d rather not have to do.