System type messages that do not say which programme they are from

Receive a message at bottom right that says “There is an update available, do you want to install it?”. There is no clue as to which programme initiated the message. In this case, after some digging, I found it was from eClient. Mighty Test does much the same and some other programmes as well. SAY WHO YOU ARE!!!

Hello Chris,

This message pops-up after opening the eM Client window so we assumed everyone will notice the connection to eM Client. Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider it next time.

Russel Markosky

When this message appeared MightyText, Adobe, Acronis as well as eClient were running, plus some others. The computer was recovered from sleep and the desktop was showing. It was in no way clear where the message came from. I had a similar problem with MightyText with a recurring message “System Load Issue” and an error code but not who it was from. For some while I was blaming eClient for this because eClient was the last programme I had installed.