system.outofmemoryexception was thrown after sending large file, wont stop showing.

I tried sending a large email and it locked up so I forgot about it. The next day I still get this exception error thrown at me on loop every 60 seconds or so. How do I stop this?

the problem is that eM Client still tries to send/synchronize this message.
Open eM Client in offline mode (hold CTRL button when opening eM Client for a first time or check Menu>File>Work Offline if eM Client is running).
Find the large message and delete it.
Restart eM Client.
Turn eM Client to online mode again (uncheck Menu>File>Work Offline).


If you don’t know where the message is check Outbox folder or use eM Client’s advanced search to find Large messages.

I tried finding the message in sent folder and outbox folder, nothing. How do I find this find Large messages features?

open the drop-down menu of the Search function.
Choose Advanced search.
In advanced search choose these options:

Thanks for the lead. I found many copies of the message I sent in the Trash and send folder as well as in a drafts folder, in the All mail folder… etc finally got them all.