System Freeze after re-enabling Hotmail

I licensed eM Client a couple of months back and have been pleased with it. However, Yahoo changed their procedure for third party access and suggested deleting the Yahoo account and re-establishing it. I did that and haven’t had any problems with them since.
However Hotmail started refusing a connection so I assumed (( shame on me, apparently )) that they, too, were shifting third party access. Deleted that connection and re-added it; everything seemed to come up fine - it did take a while to reindex my old message, but then this is an OLD account. Now it eMClient works properly for about 1/2 hour and then ‘locks up’ - I don’t know what it’s doing, it’s chewing up 40+% of my CPU and the interface is completely inoperative.
I’ve let it run for in excess of 12 hours - then shut my system down for the night. Next day (and repeats) same thing; I can get an initial poll, read a couple of messages and then locked out.

Sounds like there may be a possible corruption in the em client mail database.

As you appear to have IMAP accounts, I would suggest then to first (back up em client) via “Menu / Backup” and then uninstall em client and (delete the database) going through the uninstall. Then download the latest version via the following links and re-setup as new.

Em Client Release versions (Win / Mac)

If eM Client didn’t go through the routine of checking databases when I bring the system back up after I shut the system down with it running - I mean it’s really locked up - I’d agree with you.
I’ve been thinking about trying that but it does take a while to refresh the database … was hoping that wouldn’t be the first option people suggested.
I’ll update this later, whether I do that or not, and let you know what’s happening.

I said I’d update this and didn’t.

I deleted emClient, cleaned up leftovers and then reinstalled it and it worked from, what, mid October till mid November … I now have another message here and a support ticket in.

I like the program when it works but the unexpected is really having an effect on my ‘like.’