Synology force to migrate on theirs calendar

Hello everybody !

I need some help for continue to using my favorite software calendar!

Starting from version 2.4.0, WebDAV Server (on DiskStation) no longer supports CalDAV.
They force to migrate our calendars to Synology Calendar and only after we can using again eM Client.

But the problem is there.
When I follow the instructions (of this page : How do I import calendars from WebDAV Server to Synology Calendar? - Synology Knowledge Center), I have a issue : the step for merge all the .ics files in one.
When I do that, I can just see the first one event. Everything else is not here.

I try to copy and past the .ics files in a local folder of eM Client, but I did not succeed.

Could you help me, please ?


To import ics files into eM Client, go to Menu > File > Import > iCalendar (ics).