syncronization error with gmail

when the program starts I get a sync error… which continues every so often or when I refresh.
Email is sent and received.  I was a way for a few days, so don’t know when this started.
Gmail works fine.  Also have a mailbird client, I don’t use and it works fine.
so the error is what is frustrating. latest emclient, no updates available. Windows 10, anniversary.

I am also receiving an error on any of my “G Suite” accounts (Google Apps), specific to the Contacts directory. If I disable Contacts syncing, the error goes away. But I use this feature. Just started occurring today. Details of this can be found here:

(for some reason you cannot copy and paste errors, so a screenshot is included)

Remembered that I had this problem before and was directed to uncheck “Show windows when an error occurs.”  I did that and it stopped.  My other clients are ok, so I guess the notices are redundant.

Also receiving the same type of error message each time it tries to sync.  It prompted me to install an update but this hasn’t helped - running version 7.0.27920.0

That’s true, and I disabled the messages. But that doesn’t solve the actual problem of why the error is popping up. I do use the synchronized contacts feature, so would like this to work.

Being clearer of mind,  I now recall that emclient support directed me to uncheck the alert saying that disconnections happen and the client retries.  I have not missed any messages and all have gone out, so I believe they are correct.  I tried some tests and they all worked.  So maybe emclient needs to make their alerting system less touchy!

Hello Dan,
this is definitely an issue, unlike a simple synchronization timeout.
Can you try resynchronizing your account’s contacts - go to Contacts, right-click the account name in the folder tree, choose Properties and then Repair and run repair on the account.
If that does not work, try removing and re-adding the account anew in the Tools>Accounts section.

If neither of these help, we’ll need to set up Logging on your google contacts.


Hello Paul,
this could just be a workaround in cases where your account works without an issue but the server disconnects due to timeout/too many connection too often.
If the error pops up only when there is a genuine issue with the account it is better not to hide them.


Hello Beau,
can you please copy the error message and the log tab from the same window?


Perhaps with the denial of service attacks, yesterday… gmail may have been compromised.  Not getting errors on refresh today.  I think it is most probably Gmail server issues.  Let you know if it starts up again.  Others reported this yesterday.

Hello everyone,
just to resolve this thread, I’d like to confirm that this was indeed a temporary server issue.