Syncing to email and calendars, how about tasks

I just jumped into eM Client yesterday and really like what I’ve seen so far (aside from a red triangle next to my email account but that was fixed) I may be missing something and this may exist already but is there a way to sync up my tasks from another app? I love how there is a sidebar for the calendar and tasks but the tasks only seem to be in eM Client. That doesn’t help me when I am on another device that doesn’t have eM Client. Am I missing something? Does this feature exist? It would be nice to have my tasks in the sidebar, so I can monitor them as my day/week/month progresses. It would also be nice to have these tasks show up on my other devices.

Tasks can be synchronized with a gmail account or an outlook (Microsoft) account.
I prefer the Microsoft solution which gives more parameters to set in tasks.
In my smartphone, I see them and I can manage them with the Microsoft ToDo app.

With a Microsoft account, you can also manage notes (only for Pro version) with a small adaptation in the registry.

Thanks! I went to work on it after posting my question and figured out how to link up my google tasks with eM Client. It’s only been a few days but I am really enjoying my experience with it. Cheers!