Syncing of contact's related names

I’d like to add related names such as spouse and children to my contacts, and sync those with my iPhone using the service. However, eM client and Fruux/iPhone seems to use different properties to save those names, so the sync doesn’t work.

As far as I can see, eM client uses X-MS-SPOUSE and X-MS-CHILD, while Fruux uses X-ABRELATEDNAMES combined with X-ABLabel.

I’ve already contact Fruux about this. They replied that the ideal fix would be that eM client stores these names in the Microsoft format as well as in the X-ABRELATEDNAMES format.

Is this something that can be implemented easily?

Hi, not really, although this might seem like a simple solution, the issue is actually far more complex since most clients use their own format for these contact items, so this makes it almost impossible to support it.
If you weren’t using fruux but for example iPhone (iCloud) calendar it would have the same issue as it also uses a completely different format.

I’m sorry that this is an issue for you, maybe it will be supported in future releases, but can’t say it for sure.
Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your quick response. I understand that you can’t provide a quick fix. It’s not a major issue for me though, but I do hope a future version will support this.

Keep up the good work,

  • Ronald

Hi again,

I let fruux know what your response was, and they replied:

yes - they are unfortunately quite right with that. By supporting both the
MS and the “Apple” format they could cover a huge percentage of clients, but until there’s a standard property that everybody uses it won’t be perfect.”

So I hope you will consider supporting the “Apple” format in the future.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion and your input on this issue, we’ll consider changing this in future releases.

Thank you,