Syncing my email accounts between phone and PC

I receive my emails to my phone and PC. At the moment I have to delete emails from both individually and I was wondering if I could sync my email accounts in anyway so that if I delete an email on my phone it is automatically deleted form my PC and vice versa.
Thanks for any help

This is a function of IMAP or Exchange.

If the account is setup as IMAP in eM Client, which is the default way we setup accounts, it gives a cached view of the messages stored on the server. Any other device or app also using IMAP/Exchange to connect to the same account, will give the same view, just like webmail. So if you delete the message on one device, it will also show as deleted on the other devices. If you mark a message as read on one device, it will also show as read on the other devices.

You can see which way your account is setup by going to Menu > Accounts. You will either have an IMAP or Exchange tab, or a POP3 tab. POP3 doesn’t sync with the server, so the Inbox will not be the same as it is on another device.