Syncing eM Client with Google Calendar

I am trying to sync my eM Client calendar with my Google Calendar. Optimally I would like to use my Google acccount where I can see multiple calendars (my Outlook calendars linked through eM Client and several Gmail accounts). Is there a way to do this where the events in eM Calendar will appear in my Google Calendar?

Once the Google Calendar is setup in eM Client, just move the messages from the local calendar to the Google calendar.

Yes that works but it involves extra step. Why does it not just sync when entries are made to the EM Client calendar?

Well, when you save the event the first time, if you select the correct calendar ( see 1 below), then you don’t have to move them later. :wink:

Hi Gary,

Okay I understand that if I enter the event on the Gmail calendar and save then it will show up on my android phone. However this is not something I have had to do in the past? This just started in December? Previously when I entered an event on EM Client calendar the event showed up on my android phone, Ipad and Outlook calendar. Now it shows up on my Ipad, Outlook but not my android phone?
Something has changed and now I have to copy the event to the Gmail folder in order for it to show up on my phone? Any idea why?

So the iPad and Outlook calendar are showing the same Google Calendar? If they are and the event is showing up there, then what is the problem. If it is showing up, then it must be syncing. If they are using a different calendar to what is on your phone, then you are not saving the event to the correct calendar.

Open the event that is not syncing to your phone. What calendar is listed in as in 1 above? Is that the Google Calendar?

Hi Gary…appreciate the comeback!

Version of EM Client: 7.2.37090.0
Ipad: IOS 13
Phone: Google Pixel 4 - Android 10 (new in Dec)

Up until Dec the only account used on EMC was my Hotmail account. When I entered an event on the calendar it synced to my Ipad and android phone ( Samsung S5)
Purchased new Pixel 4 in Dec and now the Hotmail account calendar does not sync to the android phone.
Added Gmail account to EMC. The calendar under this account does not sync to Hotmail calendar.
When I copy the event added to Hotmail calendar to the Gmail folder it shows up on the Gmail calendar and it also shows on my android phone.
If I add an event to the Gmail calendar in EMC it does not show up on the Hotmail calendar in EMC?
If I edit the event on my phone it does sync the changes to the EMC Gmail calendar?

In talking to the Google support group they told me that the Hotmail calendar will not sync to the Gmail calendar. This I was told yesterday. I guess that answers my question.

Someone indicated that if I download the Outlook app to my phone it will sync with the phone. Have not tried this yet but will later on.


Yes, these are two separate calendars on two separate servers. They are not connected.

Best solution is to use just one calendar on all devices. Both Hotmail and Google will sync with your phone (iPhone or Android) and eM Client, so it is up to you which to use.

Set them both up in eM Client, move all the events to your calendar of choice and then remove the other from all devices so there is no confusion.

Thanks Gary…will do as soon as I figure out which task is the easiest route.

I know this is an old thread but I have the opposite of the above issue. My syncing with Google calendar is good except for ‘reminders’. It will sync everything else but that. They have their own heading/color in Google. Any ideas? Thanks