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I am moving from Outlook syncing with Iphone to Emclient but am having problems. In the past I would update my contacts in Outlook and then sync them to the Iphone. Only contacts that I changed on either the PC or Iphone would be modified. With EMclient I have 2 problems: 1) after I do a backup of my iphone contacts(a.vcf file from an app) and import them into EMclient I don’t get a sync but a copy and I have duplicates all over the place and 2) how do I sync back to the iphone from the PC(I don’t want duplicates either)? Is true syncing available?  

Hi Sue, what mail service are you using? If you’re using an IMAP based mail service, you shouldn’t have to export your contacts from your iPhone at all.
All you have to do is setup your IMAP account in eM client and then use the contacts folder for that account, all these contacts will be then synchronized with your account and should be then synchronized with your iPhone as well.

It is possible you’ve imported the .vcf contact files into a local folder where contacts are not synchronized with any of your account but are only saved locally.

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Thanks for the quick response. I do not want to sync to any email service, I am not interested in my email contacts very much. I used contacts in Outlook just as an address book and that is how I would like to use EMclient. I had looked up on the blog how to sync and read an article(from EMclient) that you had to create a .vcf file using the app ECBackup. Which I did.  

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Hi again Sue, sorry about the misunderstanding, what mail provider are you using?
Solution to an automatic synchronization fo your contacts with your iPhone could be using an iCloud account for synchronization.

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I use gmail with it downloading to Firefox. I  would prefer not using a cloud service. All I do now is plug in the iphone to my computer and everything syncs up fine.

Ok, so if I understand this correctly you’re satisfied with how things work now and you’re no longer having issues with the synchronization?

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I think I mislead you. With Outlook(on a different computer) I  just to plug in my phone and everything synced. I would like to do that with EMclient but the directions I found caused duplicates to be formed when I loaded the .vcf (or .csv) to EMclient. I would ike to get a pure sync without the use of the cloud. Is that possible?

Hi Sue, it is not possible, eM Client does not have a feature that would allow you to synchronize your phone with the application.
The instructions you followed are for one-time synchronization.

Can I ask you why do you want to avoid cloud synchronization? Using the iCloud account, you could keep all your contacts in sync with your other devices, allowing you to keep up to date information everywhere you go.

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First, I  don’t trust the cloud with all the hacking that goes on; second, we RV and the internet is really not readily available in most of the US(at least where we go). I could use the cloud to do a sync as long as I could download everything to my phone and then delete it from the cloud. I do have Dropsync that I use for some picture exchange.

Hi again, unfortunately that is not possible, you can setup the account and the contacts will be on the server, if you delete them from the server they will be deleted from the phone and your application as well.
I can assure you, cloud services today are much safer to store your data on than on your computer, the synchronization occurs when you are connected to the internet when you’re offline you will have access to the previously synchronized data.

Unfortunately I can’t advise anything else than using this kind of synchronization.

eM client does not have the option to synchronize your phone with it’s content and we’re currently not considering such feature. Only other option is to synchronize the contacts via the tool you’ve already used, which resulted in duplicate accounts (that’s what you could avoid with the cloud based synchronization).

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Thanks Paul. I’ll have to do  some thinking and research on this to see which way I want to go. One question I have is when I original did a Google on syncing I found the EMclient article on syncing which I followed(I sent you the link). That should not be titled syncing since that is not what the article does, the method used in the article is a copy, not a sync.

Hi Sue, actually I believe it’s just a one time synchronization, I don’t think the term necessarily means it has to be automatic etc., although thank you for the suggestion, I’ll forward your points to proper department.

Thank you, let me know if you come across any other issue, questions, or if you need further assistance,