Syncing contacts sync with hotmail account

I imported from windows live mail yesterday. It did not do our account at first correctly so I imported that again. If there was an option to import the contacts I missed it, so I exported from WLM and imported. so far so good.

How do I get it to sync from the hotmail contacts that I see when I go to

Hi John

Have a look at the info at the link below. Contacts will sync depending on how the account is set up and whether your account has been migrated to the new email system by Microsoft.  IMAP won’t sync contacts or calendar.

Note: instructions relate the eM Client version 7 but I am told that they also work in V6

I moved from livemail as well, and its not going as well when I set up livemail, this isn’t going to be as anywhere as good as livemail or as easy to set up I can tell

I cant find any of my storage  folders for my livemail

looks like they never migrated or down loaded or came over

It says I have no new mail in my inbox, not even the confirmation for joining this community

There was never any need for updates with livemail, there was no need, it just worked

I have asked in my previous post (my first) if anyone could talk me through the set up, I have done the basics, password, email address, get mail every 10 minutes and that is as far as we have got (no mail has come through, though)

I think this isn’t going to be anywhere a replacement for livemail, its too finicky, trying to be something it isn’t n(could well be easier to go online and use outlook (which can be a pain in the bum, but if this aint up to the job, there is no option)

Thanks John  -really appreciate such a prompt reply. I can’t see how to change it from imap to exchange so think I will need to set account up again (and wait for 1000 emails to sync from their online folders). Historically we used local folders in wlm but are moving to the online folder so we can get at saved emails on multiple devices.

To Derrick, when I used the import from live mail it brought in the local folders but the email inbox etc did not work and I had to set it up again. It can be so frustrating so I hope you can make things work.