Syncing challenges across team

We share different mail accounts on different computers but all in eM Client, which works the best for us.
Frequently we move mails from the sent items of the different mailboxes to one general mail box where we keep folders for the running projects.
Though we have the challenge that if they are moved on one computer as described above, the next morning the others have syncing problems as eM Client still thinks the mails are there after startup, but gives errors as the messages seem empty.
(all mailboxes on the same server, moving mails from one account to the other on the same domain)
How can we prevent this?

Seems like a server error. Right-click on the Sent folder and choose Properties > Repair > Repair should resolve it.

If not, as you have a Pro license, please open a support ticket with us and we can look at some logs to see why the server is not syncing the Sent folder correctly when the clients start.

Thanks for your feedback Gary, though the challenge is that when I remove the account and add it back in it syncs from the server, where all is in place.

Maybe this clarifies it more:
We use the account [email protected] to keep track of all the requests we have running.
This account is added in the eM Client of several colleagues, all should be able to move their e-mails here.
In practice I am the one mostly filing the e-mails this generally works fine from my end. As I oversee other mailboxes as well, also moving from these other adresses to the request box works fine from my end.
This is mostly during evening hours where colleagues would be offline, but when they log back in again, it seems the sync process does not roll through well enough, as eM Client will see some mail headers but give an orange warning as the content seems empty → this then should be a mail that has been moved from that place to the other account.

(Thought indeed to have access to support with our Pro license, but apparently we have to pay again for this?)