Syncing between multiple devices

I have been using eM Client for about a month now and like it. I know just enough about software and computers to get me in trouble and not be able to fix it. I access my Monster host based business email from my PC at home and would like to be able to access it from my laptop and android phone on the road. If ideal I could replace either of the latter two with a tablet. I am looking for an email client that will sync emails, folders, calendars between my all of my devices. Can eM Client do this and if not can you recommend something? I am not opposed to purchasing a license for each device if required. I am opposed to a monthly fee like what I am seeing with MS Office 360. I am not computer savvy enough to know all of my options and possibilities and our company is a small start up that cannot afford an IT spot on the payroll yet.

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eM Client will be able to download/sync all of your email from your mail server. If you are using IMAP or Exchange for your mail server, any change you make within eM Client will then be seen on the mail server itself. If you have eM Client on your desktop and laptop, any changes made on one will then be seen on the other. While there might be a slight delay depending on how often or how quickly the one computer syncs with the server, all changes will be seen on each computer.

As for your Android Phone, you can probably just use whatever mail app you are currently using now and it should see and sync with the mail server.

With regards to calendars, that is a little bit different. eM Client can sync Google Calendars, Yahoo Calendars, iCloud Calendars, and CalDAV calendars along with Exchange Calendars. Once again, once you set up your account in eM Client to sync with a calendar on a server, any changes made on one computer will then be able to be seen on the others once they sync with the server.

My setup currently entails connecting to two different IMAP mail accounts and a Google Calendar account (I use Google for everything except for email). I also connect to an Exchange Server as well and have full access to the mail, contacts, and calendar on the Exchange Server.


Hi Everett, I see The Merg has mostly answered your question already, just to follow up with you, eM Client can synchronize with all major services including Gmail (Google Apps), Exchange, or other IMAP or POP based mail servers.

You can also synchronize your calendars, tasks and contacts using CalDAV, CardDAV or using GData or your Exchange servers, eM Client has it all, unfortunately eM Client is currently only available for windows based computers running on non-mobile processors but we’re working on the application and hopefully will introduce further support for other devices in the future.

As eM Client always synchronizes your items with the server rather than another device, you can setup your mail or calendar account on any other device using a different email client as well and synchronize the data between the devices using your mail server.

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