Synchronizing Notes

Why notes can’t sync with Google Docs ?
Other software like Essential EPIM do this.
I would eventually buy a license but without note sync, I have a problem with that.

Google Docs is more of a Word Processor though and not generally regarded as a Notes program app.

Google have the “Keep” program / app if that’s what you want to sync, but i believe that there is still “no api” available to sync that to eM Client notes.

Looking at the Essential EPIM web site it says it syncs at the bottom of the page to “Google (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Drive)” but doesn’t seem to mention Notes.

I use Essentials PIM since three years and the notes sync well via Google Docs (via saving in Google Drive) which allows me, for example, to have my notes on my smartphone.

I am considering upgrading to eM Client Pro but would like to make sure that I have at least the same capabilities as with Essential PIM.
I know that the Pro version of eM Client can also work with Google Drive. So can this Pro version sync notes through Google Drive?

At this time eM Client syncs notes with Exchange, IceWarp and Office 365 servers.

If your notes are hosted on one of those, there will be no problem.

No, I don’t have any of those.