synchronizing for ages

New to eM Client, Just trying to send first email. It hasn’t gone! and ‘synchronizing folders’ is displayed at bottom left. it’s been synchronizing for several hours… HELP! PLEASE!

Close eM Client and open it again.

Tried that, also a full shut down and reboot.

So eM Client is probably trying to sync your messages from the server. If there are a lot or they have large attachments, this can take some time.

In the settings for your IMAP account (Menu > Tools > Accounts > IMAP) untick Download messages for offline use. Then close and restart eM Client.

This was already unticked (by default I guess). I have ticked the box, and rebooted. I will monitor what happens. Many thanks so far.

The sync will take longer if it is ticked as it will download all offline content.

Have you resolved this constant syncing matter?

I have the same problem.

No still having the issue. I’m going to play around with the imap & smtp settings. I’ll report back when I have some news. It will be tomorrow though. Cheers for now.


I will attempt to attach four pictures. Remember if you have a lot of emails it will take time. All night for me!

Many thanks, everyone! Merry Xmas!