Synchronizing folder list and email problems

Hi All,
I am new to eM Client 5 and have a problem with the automatic send and receive.
I have it set to synchronize items every 1 minute, but all that happens is “Synchronizing folder list”. This doesn’t seem to synchronize the mail in the actual folders though as no new emails are shown.
But if I then click on my inbox folder, after a couple of seconds it shows that I have new emails in there.
The log reports look like this:
12:45:15 “”""""" [AirSync] Synchronizing folder list

And when I click on my inbox, the log entry is:
“”"""" [AirSync] Synchronizing folder ‘"""""’ (or whichever folder I select).

What is wrong?
Thanks for any help.

I am sorry but I cannot tell you what is wrong. I need the full AirSync log and then I will be able to advise you further - can you please send it to our support? Thank you.

Hi George, I have sent them, with the subject line Synchronizing folder list and email problems with AirSync.
Thank you very much for helping.

Thank you, our technicians will certainly get back to you soon.