Synchronize settings by account

I shifted to eM Client because I have a lot of mail and many accounts.

I need a way to alter the sync settings by account, some of my accounts need to sync at least every 2 or 3 minutes, others would be fine 15+ minutes.

I understand that syncing with Google too frequently can cause issues, which would make this feature semi-urgent.


Interesting idea to sync different accounts at different intervals. Ive never seen that before.

Need to have the sync setup (within each acct) config rather than the main settings.

The Pro version of eM Client also has a “Snooze” function where you can snooze (non priority) mail to read later. So that might help you without having to sync mail accounts at different times.

eM Client Snooze information.

No sure how snooze would help.

I run 5 mail accounts, 2 of these need to auto refresh frequently.

I constantly have clients call me and say “I just sent you an email…” they want to immediately start discussing it. I need these accounts updated at least every 2 minutes.

The other 3 accounts can stay on a more standard frequency, every 10 or 15 minutes would be fine.

As it stands all 5 are refreshing every 2 minutes which makes for a very busy client.

I’m also suspicious that my Apple account (one I don’t need updating this often) is now having issues. It seems to be constantly sitting in the Operations list… “Apple (IMAP) Synchronizing folder ‘/Inbox’”

I suspect Apple could be queueing/stalling my update requests, maybe only letting them process every 10 or so minutes.

Is there anywhere I can enable/view verbose debugging logs for the operations queue?
I’d like to get to the bottom of this before something more drastic happens with the Apple mail account.

My Apple mail is still arriving in my Inbox and there is nothing in the error tab.

Oops, I didn’t look too well. Just found the logs, will see what I can find-out.

Would still love to see some account by account control over sync settings.