Synchronization sent folder fail with Yahoo

Hello, when I send an email with Yahoo the message is well distributed, I find it on the Yahoo server but not in Em Client 8 ?
Em Client 8 keeps marking “Sent Items Synchronization” but never does. So I have no message in my file sent items in Em Client 8.
I tried with other software to see if the problem was linked to the Yahoo server but no, with the other software everything was fine.
So it is well confirmed that the problem is with Em Client.
Do you have a solution for this/that?

Thank you in advance

Hi, I specify that the problem is only with the “send” folder the others synchronize.

I just received an email from YAHOO about a security change.
Apparently a third-party application can no longer be used.
Here the link: it’s in French, sorry.
Maybe this be related to my problem ?

viernes 02 octubre 2020 :: 1815hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @solitaire2511

Do you need a translation?
I can do it for you.

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Hi Skybat,
I’ve just replied by email and I have realized that my message apperead for a seconds in my sent items but immediately it disapperead.
Now eM Client stays blocked while trying to synchronise.

No thanks for the translation I’ve found the language I needed.

RE: I’ve tested something.
I have sent an émail to myself and with that suddenly the old message reappeared ???

When I reply to someone else other than me, I have this problem like above described, but when I send to myself everything reappears in the sent items… it’s very strange !

viernes 02 octubre 2020 :: 2000hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @solitaire2511

I haven’t received an email.
Check this…

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


Thanks for you help.
Now, with the new YAHOO security system, it’s replaced by

Generate an app password
To log in, create a one-time password. Older third-party applications often use this type of password.

But with Incredimail and Thunderbird (I’ve try with the 2 softwares) everything’s OK, I have this problem only with Em Client.
I think it’s a problem with the settings between eM Client and Yahoo

UPDATE : when I send an email it does not synchronize the elements sent from eM Client.
Today I have found that when I write only TEST (subject) and send to myself everything synchronizes, if I write something else to myself it also blocks.
It’s painful to have to systematically send to myself a TEST email to synchronize YAHOO outbox in eM Client.
Please update with the correction!

Thank you