Synchronization of iCloud tasks iOS 14

I am unable to get my iCloud account tasks synchronized with emClient (Version 8.2.1237) . I am using an iPhone 7 with iOS 14.5.1.

Mails work.
Calendar works.
Adding the account anew was tried.

Does anyone had or maybe has the same issue?

Is this a situation where eM Client syncs just fine with iCloud, but tasks created on the iPhone don’t sync through the server back to eM Client?

Dear Gary,

Neither do tasks from iCloud transfer to emClient nor the other way around.

The task folders in emClient are marked with a triangle containing an exclamation mark. The task folders do not equal the task folders in iCloud.

OK, so the warning triangle means there is an error connecting to the server. What is the message when you hover your mouse over the triangle?

Unfortunately there is no information available information on mouseover. Please refer to the attached screenshot.
Screenshot 2021-05-07 123008

A sync error message (red triangle) is not happening.

Can you have a look at this comment from Apple:

Upgrading the Reminders app in iOS 13 or later - Apple Support

Thanks, I looked at it. The task app was already updated.
The tasks are synchronizing fine between iCloud web and the iPhone.

I switched off saving mail and tasks in the iCloud for Windows application. Without any affect.

Dear Gary,

I today got the information from emClients’s sales department, that a synchronization of tasks is not possible from IOS 13 and above. This is due to the removed support of CalDAV by apple.

Thank you for you kind help.

That’s a shame. Hopefully this will be able to be adjust by Apple in the future.