Synchronization Categories between 2 computers


when I add e-mail to blue category (I have renamed it to “Done”), I cannot see this change on my other computer.

May be I can use folders instead. So I tried to create “Done” folder in Local Folders. But Local Folders does not get synchronized with other computer.

So I create “Done” folders in my 2 e-mail accounts. Both folders “Done” get synchronized between computers, but I do not have any global view. Can I create folder “Done” in “Intelligent Folders”?

Or could you suggest me how to use categories, some workaround?

Hi Jan,
you’re right categorie nor local folders are synchronized, both of these options are only saved locally. You could create a backup on one of your computers (probably the one with categories) and restore this backup on your other computer. Then when you categorize an email the change should appear on your second computer as well.

Or you can use the IMAP folders as you’ve already started doing this, you can create a search folder in eM Client, if you have “smart folders” enabled in eM Client right click the smart folder and select Display > Search folders. Then right click the search folders option and select “Create new search folder”, you can setup the search folder so it displays all your read and unread mail from both of these folder (on both your accounts).
But not even the smart search folder get’s synchronized. So you’ll have to setup the search folder on your second account as well.

Hope this helps,