Synchronization Calender, adress book and events

Hi! Sory for my noobs question, but…
How can I add birthday for my contacts and make eM Client remind me about it before date 2-3days?

Please, help me,
Mikhail Goryachev

Open the contact details - tab Details and fill in the birthday field. Afterwards, birthday will display in Agenda in Sidebar.

Oh, yeah!
Right Slidebar)))


May be there is a way to make eM Client to remind me about different events (for example Birthdays)? I mean not only 1string on slidebar, but pop-up message.
Dont sure t I need it, but I think it’s а usefull feature.

The only solution is to create an event and set a reminder for that.

thx for the quick answer.

may be in later versions there will be such ability: option near bithday or any other date “remind before Xdays” :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry for my english(((.

one more THX
Mikhail Goryachev