Synchronising Error 500 (Internal Server Error)

Hi, every time I go to email, it loads but comes up with errors.


Synchronising folder ‘EmC/Calendar/’ failed due to the

following error: The remote server returned an error: (500)

Internal Server Error.                                     Ignore


When I press Ignore, it says ‘No Errors’, then returned the same error message on every refresh.


I spoke to (David I think it was) a few minutes ago, and he suggested I try the repair option (under Calendar Properties.  I did so, closed down and opened email again, but still an error, but this time not identifying the Calendar , just an error.  Off and on again, this time the Calendar error message returned.  PS.  I don’t really use the calendar, one entry ever I think to test it).


On occasion the message has come up identifying Tasks, and Contacts.   I tried the roperties repair on tasks as well, but not contact as I need to be sure I wont lose any contacts before I try this one…


My version is 7.0.27943.0


I have screen prints from the messages prior to speaking to David, and also the latest message that does not identify anything specific (which has not returned when I start up).  However upon refresh I get both errors.  That screen attached as well.  Screen prints are all in sequence.




25th Nov 2016 10:34

  ![]( _1 inline.jpg?1480070680 “Image:”) ![]( _2 inline.jpg?1480070695) ![]( _3 inline.jpg?1480070702) ![]( _4 inline.jpg?1480070708) ![]( _5 inline.jpg?1480070718) ![]( _6 inline.jpg?1480070726) ![]( _7 inline.jpg?1480070734) ![]( _8 inline.jpg?1480070743) ![]( _9 inline.jpg?1480070751) ![]( _10 inline.jpg?1480070764)

I know this is an old thread but I am getting the same errors. Did any one ever resolve this?