Synchronisation Wrong time zone UTC

When I create an appointment in emClient, as well as import an appointment from ics, the times are not transferred as standard time (home time) but as UTC time.

My settings in Windows are correct.

When I enter the appointments in Outlook and synchronize them, they are transferred correctly. So the problem is clearly with eMClient.
If I create an appointment in the smartphone, it is displayed in the correct time zone (GMT +2h) in eMClient.

So appointments with UTC time are displayed as well as appointments with GMT +2h.

So the calendar is not usable for me, because I can not rely on the times.

Can somebody help me? What is the problem?

When you create the event in eM Client, it may be that your calendar server converts it to UTC when it is saved.

When you import an ics, whatever time and time zone are in the ics file should be used. But when it is saved to your server, it is possible the server is converting it to UTC.

However, in both instances, the event time should be correctly displayed in the calendar preview in eM Client, as it adjusts the time to your OS defined time zone.

My calender server is and until now it works fine. Now with eM client there are these problems. I did the same from outlook calender and I have a correctly synchronisation. It sholud also work with eMClient. I see the eMClient is the problem / incompatibel not the calendar server.

When you edit the event in eM Client, it will display whatever the ics item on the server says is in the event. When you view the event in the calendar preview, it will be that data correctly adjusted for whatever time zone your OS says you are in.

You never gave a screenshot from eM Client to show how it is displaying the same event you have in the screenshot from your phone. Maybe you can do that so there is some comparison?

I can you send more picture but for my first topic it is just allowed to send one picture.

And what time zone are you in in your OS?

If I synchronise with outlook, I don’t see UTC. If I synchro with eMail client I see to timezone.
And if i want to edit the event, I get only the event with UTC time. (see also picture of my first posting to compare)

and when I edit the timezone the event is beginning two 2 hours earlier (Normaly it starts at 20, after synchronistaion at 18, after edit the correct time zone at 16. Thats not normal.

Please create a test event in eM Client. Make it for 20:00 and no time zone. So just like in your screenshot. That will use your OS defined time zone.

Open the web interface. Not your phone.

How does it appear there?

I’m confused: I create two events. One with eMclient and one with outlook. Both looks correctly on But in my phone, I see eMclient event with two timezone (picture 1) and my outlook event with one time zone (picture 2).

If you are in Europe, you are at UTC +2 because of summer time (CEST).

18:00 UTC is the same as 20:00 UTC +2. Your phone even shows you that.

They are the same. It is just the way your phone displays them, but they are the same.

so far so good. But if I want to edit the event (i just open the event to edit), my phone shows me the event with with UTC time (yellow).

In the normal way I can edit the GMT time.

But I think you are also right. I did a synchronisation via google calender server and everthing is fine.
I think I have to change the calender server also when google read my events :frowning:

Yeah, GMT is the same as UTC. So 18:00 GMT is 20:00 UTC +2 which is the same as 20:00 GMT +2.

That phone app is not our app, so I can’t say why they display them like that. You will need to ask the phone app vendor, but in all screenshots, it is the same actual time, so 8pm your time, which is what eM Client displays in your calendar preview.

I understand the different between GMT and UTC. But I have the problem my phone displayed the UTC time mixed up with GMT time. I think something in the transmission must be wrong / or too much, because when I go through outlook I don’t have the problem. Google seems to be able to handle it, so I guess I’ll have to switch to google (my workaround for reliable times).
Thanks for your help.