synching google calendar with emclient

I have been using Google Calendar and would like to import the data into my emclient setup.  Is there a simple way of doing this?

Yes! Go to Tools, Accounts and select the Gmail account whose calendar (and contacts) you want to sync. Choose the calendar and contacts tab, and check the enable box. Then click OK

If you have more than one gmail account, is it possible tointegrate the calendars and contacts?

sorry for the late answer.
You can set up just a Calendar account too, if you dont plan to use the gmail address itself.
In Tools>Accunts>New Account just choose the Calendar>Google Calendar option.and set it up.


Hello Michael,
you can set up numerous calendars, but they will be in separate folders.
In the calendar view though, you can always check both of the calendars and view both of them at once (they will be divided by color, so you will see which events belong to which calendar)