synch categories between eM Client and Google calender

Why is it not possible to synch categories between Google Calender :

and eM Client:

Categories that I assign in eMClient don’t show up in my Google Calender and vice versa.
I am using todays latest 7RC. Outlook 2016 in combination with gSyncit allows you to set up rules to synch Google colors with outlook categories, and it works in both directions:

This would be a nice feature for emClient. The Outlook-gSyncit example shows that it can be done.

Hello Peter,
unfortunately eM Client’s categories are stored locally, because IMAP won’t allow the synchronization of these categories to the server.
Gmail labels should sync to eM Client without a problem though, are you still experiencing this issue?


Hello Olivia,
i have no problem with Gmail labels as I don’t use them. What I do use regularly are Google Calender event colors. I usually take down my appointments on my smartphone and assign blue, red, green etc, colors that then don’t show up in eM Client. Colors that I assign in eM Client (categories) are not sync’ed with Google Calender.

As I mentioned before, Outlook 2016 (which I have as part of MS Office) does the trick via an add-on (paid) gSyncit. Thunderbird does the trick by integrating the original Google Calender in it’s web interface via the add on Google Calender Tab. This is not a deal breaker for me, but I would welcome such a feature.

Since eM Client alledgedly is based on Chromium there should be the possibility that the Calender-Tab should be able to serve as browser and call Google calender directly, or incorporate a seperate Google Calender Tab. Or alternativly, just as gSyncit does, let us set up a set of rules that translate Google event colors to (locally stored) em Calender categories.

The screenshots beolw show that eM Client Calender looks rather drab compared to the original: ![]( 3 inline.png?1467382968 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1442459/RackMultipart20160701-70800-1vniz9z-2016-07-01__3__inlinepng1467382968”)

One Calender:
![]( 2 inline.png?1467383012)