Synch calendar with android phonee?

Is their anyway to synch the eM Client calendar with an android phone? I would be open to using a 3rd party app on the phone if there was one that worked. (POP3 email, it that makes any difference)


You have to use IMAP for this, POP3 only downloads emails from server.


I think Comcast is about ready to offer IMAP. If I change to IMAP, is there a way to synch the calendars?

Unfortunately not, IMAP is designed for Mail synchronization.

Calendars are usually synchronized over CalDAV or GData protocol. Let me know what calendar service you use and I will advise you how to proceed and set account in eM Client.

The only e-calendar I am using is the one built into eM Client. I use Comcast email which is POP3. Since I already have all of my events in eM Client, it would be nice to just synch that with an app on my Verizon Android phone. Actually, we want to synch 2 laptops and 2 phones.

In that case you will have to register for an online Calendar service and set the account in both your Android phone and eM Client.

I’ve worked with computers for years, but this ecalendar business is new territory for me, so I am not able to fill in the gaps. Do you have andysuggestions/recommendations?

We can recommend you Gmail and its Google Calendar as eM Client is fully optimized for this service and we have the best experience using it. Also synchronization with Android is seamless and fast.

OK. I already have a Google account on my phone by default, so I will give it a try.

Excellent. Let me know if you need my further assistance.

I use Google Calendar on my Android.  How do I sync it to my eM Client? 

Hello Sue,
if you have your gmail account set up in eM Client you should already be able to access your gmail calendar in the Calendar section.
If you do not want to sync your gmail messages but just the calendar, you can set up a separate Calendar account.
Go to Tools>Accounts and choose + / New Account. Instead of Automatic setup go to Calendar>Google Calendar and continue with the setup.
Then when adding and creating events you want to access in your phone as well just add them to this gmail calendar.


I use my laptop as the main repository for emails, and it is set up as a POP3 account. I use my Samsung Android tablet when travelling, and this is set up as an IMAP account. So, when I delete emails from either device they are gone forever (or in Trash), but emails I retain on the tablet then appear on my laptop next time I use it.
The only problem I haven’t solved is how to get messages I send from the tablet also to appear on the laptop.