Synced contacts with deleted all of my contact photos.

I just upgraded to eM Client ant thought it would be nice to sync all of my online contacts at  However after doing that, it appears that it erased every photo I has associated with each contact.  Those images are gone on the rest of my devices now.  Is this expected behavior?



When i went from 6 to 7 I too had the same problem. After that when i make text changes to contacts on emClient it syncs well.
However when i add a contact’s photo in emClient 7pro I get an Error in client/server conversion.
I can re-add photos on my iPhone which go up to and then back down to eMClient.
If I then make a text change to a contact with a photo I get the Error in client/server conversion notification.
I have re-set up my account (automatically) and get no choice of exchange server or AirSync. It doesn’t help.