Sync Yahoo Contacts

How can I sync my yahoo contacts with eM client ?

I tried to include the CardDav server settings, but nothing happens.
Contact list is still empty.
h**ps:// and also h**ps://
I entered username and password.

there are no errors in the error log, the log seems to go check the yahoo account, what I am doing wrong ?

we are currently investigating the issues with Yahoo CardDAV but we will not able to make it to the next major version of 3.5. It will be available with on of next updates.

Yahoo! contacts synchronization is available in version 3.5. For older versions it may be possible to setup a CardDAV account with the following URL: h**ps://{email}/ (where {email} is substituted with your Yahoo! email address)


Doesn’t work for me :… (where “name” is substituted with your Yahoo! email address)

Em client version 5 wrote to me: Le serveur indique: “unauthorized”

Also, I have frequently error with IMAP connection, not able to connect!
Moreover I have always a error with only one message in my yahoo “sent” folder


Nobody can help with my CARDDAV?

Try to create the yahoo account following way: Tools - Accounts - New Account - Contacts - Yahoo Contacts. If the problem will not disappear, send us your CarDAV logs .Thank you.

thanks for your help.

But, don’t work

Where do you want I past my LOG?

You can send it directly to me at

done, with email subjet: clotus probleme

The latest version has yahoo contact syncing included.


Yes, I know but, doesn’t work for me and I don’t know why. Is for the reason I need help on this forum.


With my Google account, all work great, agenda, email(incoming / send) and contacts. :slight_smile:

Yahoo account is full error in my email and doesn’t any contact sync ;-(

I don’t know if calendar work because I don’t need to use it. I use Google’s calendar

“Essential Pim” work well with my contact. He need authorization and Yahoo give a password. Probably em client need a password like that but how found this in yahoo option???

??? HELP ???

So, this forum is not very active…

Em client is right that I’m searched. so please anybody help me.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

Yes, same problem.
I had installed in my other computer so, and same problem.

Thank Richard.

I have received your email today and am analyzing the log right now. I will send you an email as soon as it is done.

Can you make this public as I am having same problem. Email and calendar are fine but not contacts.

I have the same problem. No Yahoo Contacts.

Also I receive many Unauthorized password pop ups

The same advice as above - send me your CalDAV logs.